Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 16: November 4, 2013

 P day p day gotta have fun on p day!

Heya family! How is everyone doing? North Shields is doing great! I love it here.

So I don't have a lot of time to write, but I want to share a few things from this week. So first. Robert. We have been trying to meet with him for a few weeks but he has been really busy. We finally set up a time to teach him at the Morrisons cafe. (Morrisons is a grocery store) (Note from Lisa:  Brits are usually very private people and are more hesitant than Americans to invite strangers into their homes.  It is much more common in GB to arrange to meet up with strangers at a local cafe/park/other public place) Well we went there a few minutes early and the cafe is closed! We didn't know what to do and so we decide to call sister thompson who lives a 10 minute walk away. Then Robert shows up. So we ask him if we can teach him in a members home 10 minutes away and he says yes! So we go over there and teach him and the Spirit was so strong. I know he needed that as well and Heavenly Father helped him to be able to feel that by not having the lesson is some dodgey cafe! There are so many miracles here. 

On Saturday I was on exchange with Elder Caldwell a greeny from Washington and we felt impressed to go by one of our investigators, Tracy, who had been struggling and we were thinking of how to help her. Her phone didn't work so we decided to pop by. She answered the door and explained that her mother had just passed away and we talked to her for a long time on the door step. She felt a lot better after and told us that she knew there was a reason we came by. Heavenly Father guides us so much.

Well I love all of you and pray for you all the time!

Elder Gurney

Week 15: October 28, 2013

 Hey family!

So you know how I always say how fast the week went by and things like that? Well this week went SLOW. My first slow week in the field. I still love it, but this week seemed to drag on. My new companion, Elder Kjeldsen is....different. Just very different from me or anyone I know really. He is such a good missionary though. I am learning so much. I love living with other missionaries. Elder Bagwell for example is obviously inspired to live in our same area. No matter how bad or rainy the day was every night I come back I can plan on just laughing myself to sleep because of him. He is just such a redneck I love it so much.

We taught the youth in the ward about the plan of salvation last night. It was such a fun thing to do. No parents, no teachers, just the youth and us missionaries. There was 7 of them total and they asked such good questions. It made me realize how little I knew about the Gospel before I came out. They are all so good. I love the youth. They better just stick me in young mens when I get back and never take me out.

Hey are we related to a Wayne Gurney from Mcgrath Alberta? There is a sister in the mission who knows him.

I have been studying a lot about charity and love. I have learned so much. If you don't have charity and love then everything else doesn't matter. (that's doctrine i promise) You could be the best person in the world and if you don't have charity it profiteth you nothing. Helping others is really what helps us become more Christlike. I love the scriptures and don't feel like I have enough time to read them each day.

I love you and pray for all of you!

Elder Gurney

PS you all have homework. Write me back and tell me your conversion story. Don't say you were born into the church. Tell me about when you were converted.

Week 13: Oct 15, 2013

Hello everyone!

So, it is transfer week! I apologize for the late email. I am staying in North Shields for another transfer, with a new companion! My Swedish pal is off to serve in Leeds, but I am getting an Danish Elder in return! I just cannot get enough of the Scandinavian vikings! I am excited but also a little bummed to see Elder Krylborn go. I have learned so much from him. My new companion is named Elder Kelson. He is from the same ward as Elder Krylborn's girlfriend. So small world. I don't meet him till tomorrow though. Another big surprise, North Shields is getting two more missionaries!! Don't ask me where they are going to sleep because we don't have beds or anything. I guess that will get sorted soon. I am pumped to have flat mates.

Other than that this week has been pretty slow! We have had some good moments though. One was that we were out knocking doors before we were going to go in for the night and this lady answered the door and Elder Krylborn started talking to her about religion and things and I just looked at her shirt and see that is says "Star Trek Voyager" and I just cut in and say "are you a treky by chance?" We then had a fantastic conversation about star trek. I am embarrassed by how much I know. She was super nice but not interested in religion at all. Elder Krylborn then said as we were saying bye, "Yeah I have always been more into like Lord of the Rings rather than Star Wars." and me and her just go quiet and look at him....funniest thing of the day definitely. I have learned that it is so much better to go out and have good conversations with people and let them know who we are. We don't need to try and cram religion down their throat. We can let them know our purpose and invite them to listen, but I would rather have them walk away with a card thinking "what nice guys" then to be walking away thinking "I wish those crazy mormons would leave me alone" while throwing a leaflet in the nearest bin.

I love meeting and talking to people. I think the adversary makes me doubt this so much. I will walk onto a bus and think the last thing I want to do is talk to anyone on it, but as soon as I sit down and start a conversation with someone, I love it.

So I have talked about the Chhinas before I am sure. But they are doing great. Indion who is 12, and the only member of the family currently attending church regularly, has such a great testimony. She is thinking about baptism, but we are not pushing her at all because ideally we want more family support for her. Her mom did come to church for the second time on Sunday though. That was a miracle.

Our mission president was coming to speak in sacrament meeting on Sunday and like all of our investigators were being flaky as weather they were coming or not and like half of the ward was sick. Me and Elder Krylborn decided we were going to work our hardest to get investigators there and invite everyone we could because we wanted a good turn out for President Pilkington, then we decided to fast for the ward members. The night before church we got a call from our President Pilkington saying he can't make it, we were pretty disappointed because we were working so hard to get a good turn out at church. We decided to continue fasting for the ward though and Sunday was just amazing. We show up at church and are meeting with the bishop when a member knocks on the door and says hey elders Paul is here. We don't know a Paul so we go out and this man Paul said missionaries spoke to him several weeks ago inviting him to church and he just showed up! then Indion came, then during sacrament we had one of the biggest turn outs from the ward i have ever seen! then indions mom, Shiela, comes walking in! We honestly couldn't believe it. Heavenly Fathers hear and answers prayers. I know it because I see it everyday.

Alright, I am sorry I wrote an essay! I love being here and I love missionary work. It is hard, it is scary, it is fantastic. I wouldn't trade it, or all that I have learned for anything in the world.

You're in my prayers,
Elder Gurney