Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015: Grimsby 1

Well Grimsby is definitely different from York! I am back on the coast, which is nice. Until the seagulls come that is.

Me and my companion are opening this area brand new, which is a challenge, the other Grimsby team hasn't had a huge teaching pool lately anyway so we are all just kinda starting from scratch. Lots and lots of finding.

My companion is named Elder Carrigan and he is from Grand Junction Colorado. He has been out just over 3 months, but he is fantastic. We are really excited to see lots of success here in Grimsby.

I am reading in The Acts right now and I love it! It is not coincidence that I am reading it. After getting rejected for hours, it is always helpful to reflect back to your personal study and think "at least I'm not in prison!"

Grimsby is not the classiest town, just fyi...
​(Don't worry it isn't a swear here!)

Anyway I am happy! I hope you guys have a great week.
Love you!
Elder Gurney

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13, 2015: Well......I'm off to Grimsby...

An unexpected transfer! I am off to Grimsby after 6 short weeks in York.

I am going to miss this ward and area so much. I love the Uni students and the history and all. But I am excited to go back to the coast.

Me and Elder McGee worked our tails off this last week. We talked to so many good people and got into several homes (You gotta love students) It was so much fun.

This is just one of the great families we had to say goodbye to yesterday. The Bortones. We went to their house at Christmas time and New Years, they are the best.

Saying goodbye to our investigators Gillian and Rodger was really difficult too. They are just such good people! Rodger is a mechanic and has a restored Triumph TR6 (google it, the yellow one is probably his) and Gillian is his mom.

This is part of the group of missionaries I came out with
Me, Elder McGee, Elder Brown, Elder Johansen, Elder Baird, and Elder Saolotoga

As you can see I finally remembered to bring my camera to the library!

Well I am really happy here in England. I love this church, I know it is true, and so can you!

Love you guys!
Elder Gurney

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 5, 2015

Happy new year everyone! Even if you were 7 hours late in celebrating it!

It has been a slow couple of weeks during the holidays with lots of finding. We have found success with it though and been having a lot of fun.
For New Years we went to a members home and played Monopoly and had a giant dinner. I love just being around good families. Church was fantastic yesterday. I love this ward so much, so many good people.

I was studying this morning out of the beginning of the Book of Mormon (you know, those few chapters that everyone reads this time of year) and I just love it. I am trying to read it more like a book instead of study it how I normally do and I love it. There are so many good lessons to be learned.

Well I am happy and I love you guys!

Elder Gurney
 Christmas with the Bortones!

We found snow!!!!!!!!!