Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 15: October 28, 2013

 Hey family!

So you know how I always say how fast the week went by and things like that? Well this week went SLOW. My first slow week in the field. I still love it, but this week seemed to drag on. My new companion, Elder Kjeldsen is....different. Just very different from me or anyone I know really. He is such a good missionary though. I am learning so much. I love living with other missionaries. Elder Bagwell for example is obviously inspired to live in our same area. No matter how bad or rainy the day was every night I come back I can plan on just laughing myself to sleep because of him. He is just such a redneck I love it so much.

We taught the youth in the ward about the plan of salvation last night. It was such a fun thing to do. No parents, no teachers, just the youth and us missionaries. There was 7 of them total and they asked such good questions. It made me realize how little I knew about the Gospel before I came out. They are all so good. I love the youth. They better just stick me in young mens when I get back and never take me out.

Hey are we related to a Wayne Gurney from Mcgrath Alberta? There is a sister in the mission who knows him.

I have been studying a lot about charity and love. I have learned so much. If you don't have charity and love then everything else doesn't matter. (that's doctrine i promise) You could be the best person in the world and if you don't have charity it profiteth you nothing. Helping others is really what helps us become more Christlike. I love the scriptures and don't feel like I have enough time to read them each day.

I love you and pray for all of you!

Elder Gurney

PS you all have homework. Write me back and tell me your conversion story. Don't say you were born into the church. Tell me about when you were converted.

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