Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 5, 2015

Well it will be a short email this week, we are going to York to do some shopping and it takes like an hour and a half to get there on the train.

This week we did a lot of traveling. We had to go to York for a district meeting with President on thursday then spent the night there so we could make it to Leeds for a 9 am meeting with Elder Dykes and Elder Allen of the Seventy, but more about that later.

We had the opprotunity to see a couple of investigators in York when I was there. I don't know if you remember Gillian and Rodger, her son, but they are great. Gillian comes to church nearly every week, but does't really want to be baptised. It was so good seeing them and catching up. It is hard to believe it has been 4 months since I was in York!

So the meeting in Leeds was all about the mission implimenting digital devices into the work. In other words we are getting iPads. I don't know when, I don't even know if I will see one, but we are having a zone conference in 2 weeks and I think it might be then. It won't really change the work much at all, it really is just another tool we can use. It was a really great meeting though.

The work is still a bit slow here in Brid. We are still teaching Rory and Lynn who are doing good. They have been coming to church, Lynn is just really struggling with the word of wisdom. We are trying to focus more on finding.

Well I am really happy and I am excited to skype you next week!

Love you!
Elder Gurney

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