Thursday, July 11, 2013

From Across The Pond!

Hey guys!
So I made it safe! Jetlag is terrible but I'm pulling through! The other missionarys are great, gotta try and get along with everyone! England is so....different. There is SO much green and it is so gorgeous! But I already miss those rocky mountains. We drove past a indoor skiing gym on the way to the MTC...torture. (Chan quit laughing).
So I miss everyone a ton. But I have to get lost in the work! I honestly am so excited, I can't believe this day is actually here! They say P-day is wednesday so you'll here from me more then. I honestly had to think about what day it was for awhile...Thursday right? I have no idea it's been a long time since I've slept.
There are so many missionaries! I was so suprised. Elder Hotchkiss who you saw at check in is really cool. His dad got to come to the gate because he is a pilot for fedex. I slept a little on the plane...but not enough. Hopefully I'll sleep good tonight.
I'm sitting here trying to think what to type but honestly all I've done is fly to England for two big right?  
The roads are terrifying I hope I don't have to drive here. The lanes are way too narrow and everyone drives way too fast.
The staff here is amazing. Everyone is honestly so nice and understanding. I volunteered to move luggage from downstairs to up for was so hot! Like they have these huge sunlights up stairs and it just bakes up there and I probably moved 30-40 suitcases. It was good though it helped me wake up from traveling.
I wish I had more to write about but I don't even know who my comp is! I added a couple pictures the first is from SLC and has all the missionaries from Utah and the second is in Chicago! We met with even more once we landed in Machester. The work is hastening!
Love you guys! Ask me questions! I think I have an hour to write whileI'm at the MTC so I want lots of emails!
Elder Gurney

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