Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week one, still don't sound like Daniel Craig.

I've tried and tried but to no avail this horrible American accent has stuck with me. England is so different I didn't expect it to be so much different!

So dad yes the weather is WARM. Like it's barely okay to wear suit coats outside and we have to were them EVERYWHERE except the residence hall and during class time. The MTC is fantastic and absolutely horrible at the same time. I've found it directly correlates on how obedient I am so I've been doing the best I can!

My companion is fantastic! His name is Elder Walter from South Salt Lake City and he just graduated 6 weeks ago. He comes from a yours mine and ours type family with 10 kids! He is the 6th missionary and currently has two other brothers serving right now. My district is great we have a sister from Scotland who is teaching us a ton about the culture because her fiance is from Leeds and serving in Orem right now! If you see an Elder Parr tell him his fiance is doing great.

My roomates are great, we're rooming with a Somoan Elder named Elder Soalatonga(it is harder to say than you think) from Australia that converted 4 years ago but only started taking the church seriously about 2 years ago. He's so great and inspiring! He is the only member of his family but his parents are extremely supportive of what he is doing. Then there is Elder Wright. Who is great. He reminds me a lot of Taylor, except Taylor is way more mature and .....cooler. Ha this kid is fresh out of high school and is a trial at times! But he has such a great heart. Also our room smells horribly of feet because of him and he is the only missionary any of the teachers have ever heard of yelling "this is too difficult!!" and running out of a practice teaching. But great kid.

The food is okay. I bet the Provo MTC food is better (go Jae) but I've never been hungry.

Okay so spiritually....I can't even believe how amazing this place is. The spirit is so easy to be in tune with, I never want to lose that! All the teacher and staff are so great! every meeting and every lesson is fantastic. I can't believe all the amazing stuff I'm learning it's so hard not to forget it. I'm filling up my study journal FAST. Everyone go read your scriptures right now and try and understand how amazing and what a blessing they are. If you can't find anything to read go read 3 Nephi chapter 11.

Around 6 months ago I really struggled because I could never tell if what i'm being told to do was actually the Holy Ghost or if it was just me telling  myself to do something. I was never certain on my promptings. I prayed and prayed and studied and wanted the answer so bad but I never remember recieving one. I kinda just got over it and forgot. Well Elder Bednar spoke at Provo MTC on Sunday night and it was brodcast here. Guess what the title of the talk was? 'Is it the Holy Ghost or just me?' When they announced that I straight up almost went straight to tears. No one would have even understood. He gave the most uplifting and encouaging talk and said "Quit worrying about be a good boy, you be a good girl, honor your covenants, keep the commandments. Press forward with a steadfastness in Christ." It was exactly what I was praying for. The power of prayer is real! I've come to be closer to God than I ever have in my entire life. The only regret I have is not gaining this relationship earlier.

I love you guys! Every last one of you, and pray for you guys all the time!

Elder Nicholas Gurney

P.S. The peace sign is flipping someone off over here. Someone could have mentioned that.

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