Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 10, 2014: From the sunny North East!

Hey everyone!

So I don't have a lot of time again, I am afraid my emails will be getting shorter and shorter as my mission goes on.... I will try my best to keep them uplifting!

So this was a busy week, but we are still struggling with people to teach. This is a sacred land though and the Lord shows me that through miracles all the time.

So monday we taught a FHE lesson then had a while to kill afterward. We decided to walk home and talk to people rather than take the bus. It was getting late and we were walking home and I felt impressed to walk the long way home, even though there was less people that way as well. Me and elder sim started walking and we prayed to be directed and I felt so impressed to knock on a door. The home owner was not interested and not happy we knocked on his door so late we kept going. Me and elder sim started talking about the killers and brandon flowers and this guys about our age started walking past us and I was just like "have you heard of the killers?" and they got all excited and we talked about them for awhile then we got talking about the gospel and they were so interested. We scheduled a return appt and got their numbers. In the end it didn't work out but i know that the Lord guides us. It was a much needed miracle.

I love this church and I love this gospel. It makes me so happy to share it with people.

Love you all

Elder G

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