Monday, July 7, 2014

June 30, 2014

What a week! I love the church in England.

We had a ward BBQ on saturday and it went so well. So many non-members came and really enjoyed it. That was some of the best food I have had on my entire mission.

I was sick for a few days last week which was no fun, but I am feeling a lot better now. We had some really interesting lessons in the week. We went by a less active member in a super posh area a few weeks ago and he was really friendly and so was his wife so we decided to go back a few nights ago and see if we can teach them. It was an interesting lesson. They are both extremely atheist. We didn't do much speaking, and there really was no need for it. The only thing that popped into my mind was the story of Korihor in Alma 31. This man was so nice. He was a good father, honest husband, and a hard worker. But he has become so hardened to the gospel. He told us how he reached a pointed growing up where he decided to hope the church wasn't true. It really made me think about how if you give the adversary an inch he will take a mile. In the end we were able to bear testimony and share with him and his wife something that cannot be contended against. It certainly was a lesson I will never forget, and a lesson that has strengthened my faith.

I love this church. I know it is true. I love sharing with people all about how it can change their lives if they let it.

Love you,

Elder Gurney

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