Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014: Hey thur friends!

What a week! We have really seen miracles this week.

It has been a good week! I am really happy. I love my companion with all my heart but he struggles with english, so he gets frustrated. Maybe if you guys could say a prayer or two for Elder Korenkov (kah-rain-cough) It would be appreciated.

I have really hit a turning point this week. I am so happy working now. I just love it. I got a bit complacent. I have had the same assignment for nearly a year now, and it is easy to get complacent. I have gotten a lot more involved with my purpose this week.

I love the scriptures. I love studying. I cannot read enough. I have read the entire missionary library and a marvelous work and a wonder, now I am reading Articles of Faith. I have been reading the scriptures a lot as well. I have read the Book of Mormon twice and started a third time but then I moved to the new testament. I am in the gospel of Luke and loving it. I don't think I am a slow reader, but I want to understand everything, so I don't read a whole lot during study. My scriptures look like a coloring book. Mom, thank you for the example you set of scripture study. You always talked about it and I do remember. For a long time I wanted to know all the deep doctrine and things (every missionary hits that at their six month mark) but to be honest all I study now are the simple truths of the gospel. I love Preach My Gospel and I hope you guys study it often.

I do love hearing about home. Don't worry I am long past the homesick thing. I do miss you guys, but I love my mission. I love being a missionary. Mostly I am just tired. All the time. It is a weird feeling to be able to sleep no matter what time of day it is. I don't even know what it is like to have physical energy anymore. I think I spent all of that by my year mark. Now I am just running on spiritual power. That sounds lame but it is true.

I love this gospel. I know it is true. I know it intellectually and infinitely more important, I know it spiritually. Through the Holy Ghost. I know it not just because I have studied it, but because I have applied it. I love bringing the gospel unto peoples lives.

I went on exchange at the beginning of the week and I realized that I waste a lot of time. I am here to baptise people. So when I came back to my area we just hit the ground running. Well walking really fast, then stopping and talking to someone, then walking really fast, then get the picture. We found a family!

So Ahmed and Shirin are the parents. He is from Pakistan and she is from Persia. They have a 13 year old son named Hamzeh. They are solid! The mom was almost baptised a few years ago, and she loves the church. The dad is so open minded and loved the idea of searching out a new religion, telling us the Qur'an actually teaches people to do that. So yeah they are muslim, but I don't think they really practice. So me and my Russian friend are excited for that.

We had a mission presidents fireside last night for the stake and we filled the room full. 285 people. I have no idea what that compares to a utah ward, but for a fireside that was record breaking here. Literally. This is the 6th and last one of the year and we had the most attend. So it was really exciting.

Hmmm what else. Hugh went to the temple this week! So did Jess. They both loved it. It kills me being so close to a temple (45 min) and not being able to go.

Well I love you guys and miss you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Gurney

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