Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015: Grimsby 1

Well Grimsby is definitely different from York! I am back on the coast, which is nice. Until the seagulls come that is.

Me and my companion are opening this area brand new, which is a challenge, the other Grimsby team hasn't had a huge teaching pool lately anyway so we are all just kinda starting from scratch. Lots and lots of finding.

My companion is named Elder Carrigan and he is from Grand Junction Colorado. He has been out just over 3 months, but he is fantastic. We are really excited to see lots of success here in Grimsby.

I am reading in The Acts right now and I love it! It is not coincidence that I am reading it. After getting rejected for hours, it is always helpful to reflect back to your personal study and think "at least I'm not in prison!"

Grimsby is not the classiest town, just fyi...
​(Don't worry it isn't a swear here!)

Anyway I am happy! I hope you guys have a great week.
Love you!
Elder Gurney

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