Monday, March 17, 2014

March 10, 2014

Ah I am so happy this week!

I am really just loving England. So winter decided just to not, so the weather is incredible. Warm enough just for suit coats most days!

Me and Elder Schwarzkopf decided to work a lot harder last week and this week and we can already see the joy from it. The success as well. I love this area. We have been teaching a man named Darren (yeah he spells it wrong) and he is the biggest miracle. We just got him as a referral from the office so we assumed Well he told us that we was just sitting outside his house and he asked a lady if he could use her phone, which he did, and she just went to her car, grabbed a Book of Mormon and gave it to him, so he called the number on the inside! (the mission office stamps all the BoMs) He is such a good guy. He has definitely had a rough past and has been homeless for most of it. He has such a desire to change and I am so excited for him.

I just love how the gospel changes people. I have met so many people who have just left old lives behind to become a disciple of Jesus Christ and I can just see the light emulating out of them. They are happy. They have goals and hope for the future. The world doesn't have that, and if it does it is centered around money.  People need this joy weather they know it or not. "No words are wasted" I really believe this. 

Gordon B. Hinkley said, "When all is said and done, the only real wealth of the church is in the faith of its people.". I love this quote and I love finding this wealth in my own life and helping others find it in theirs.

Your Heavenly Father loves you and I do as well. I know this church is true and that knowledge makes me so happy. Let it make you happy as well.

Love you,

Elder Gurney

Me and Elder Schwarzkopf after a very long and tiring and enjoyable week.

ps dont notice the messy flat.

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