Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 5 with pictures from the castle we went to last p day

Wow thank you so much for all the love and support and LETTERS! I love letters!
These week has been great! I finally feel like I am getting this down! I wish i had time to write everyone back but I dont i am really sorry! But your letters do get read and i do appreciate them so much!

North Shields is doing great. We have a new goal of baptising ever month here which is ambitious for an area that hasnt baptised in over 6 months but we know we can do it!

So elder ballard came to huttersfield and spoke to us last wednesday as well as president rasband of the 70. That was amazing! His words were so inspired even though they are what we have been hearing for a year now. We need to work with members! the statistics are like 1 in 3 member referrals get baptised and 1 in 2000 missionary effort finds get baptised. Which is easily believable. No dad we are not getting ipads any time soon we havent heard any word at all about them. But hey we do have interviews with president tomorrow so we will see. but i doubt it.

So we aquired an absolutely massive bible this week from one of our investigators named charlie hall. It probably weighs 15 pounds. This man is a character. He is a former investigator who is starting to seem more solid but hey all you can do is work your hardest and pray the lord will do the rest.

I am not sure if i told you about chyvonne and rebecca. their religious views are absolutely wack but they are amazing people. Chyvonne is rebeccas mom and she is a spiritualist. so they like summon spirits at church...super dodgey. then rebecca is a wiken of sorts and i guess buries half her food in the ground and gives it back to mother earth. but fantastic people!

We are moving soon! from our super ghetto 2 man flat to a really posh 4 man flat! and we heard rumors we will be getting another set of missionaries!

sorry no really cool pictures or stories this week!

Love you all so much!!

Elder G

me then elder krylborn and our zone leader elder mcallister from richfield!

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