Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week 7

Hello everyone!!

Thank you so much for all the letters!! I don't have a lot of time to write, and I am sorry about the confusion on monday. It was a bank holiday here so the library was closed and then we had zone conference yesterday so this is the first opprotunity I have had to email!

North Shields is doing fantastic. We are finally seeing some progress with our investigators which is such a blessing. I cannot believe how much I am learning! I am finally over my cold as well which is fantastic.

Zone conference yesteday was so powerful! President Pilkington is so powerful and funny. The way he speaks reminds me of the manager of the museum in Night at the Museum. No, we are not getting ipads! at least not right now. I did hear a rumor that ever mission will have them by the end of the year but President hasnt mentioned anything about it. We do have an hour set aside each week though to go on any church websites, such as, and find videos and other things that could be beneficial to our investigators.

We officially have a new flat! We aren't living in it...but the church owns it. They are waiting till after transfers to move us in. We might be getting two more elders in the area.

Oh yeah, its almost transfer week! I can't believe it! That also means I'll be having P-Day on Tuesday next week instead of monday. I should be staying in North Shields though so no worries.

Hmmm story of the week.....well I am going to talk about Charlie again just because he cracks me up so much. If you havent been following along, Charlie has been investigating the church for years. When we first met him we thought ahh maybe we shouldnt spend much time with him he doesnt seem that solid. But then we brought a member over named Bill Johnson. They hit it off so good. Long story short, Charlie knows the gospel is true, has a baptismal date, and has been coming to church. Miracles!

Love you all!

Elder Gurney

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