Monday, August 5, 2013

5/8/13 Week Four!!

Wow where do i start?? This week has been brilliant! Like I honestly don't know where to start. Being a missionary is HARD. Like really really hard. People told me too often that I'm going to love my mission and not often enough it is the hardest thing ever. Both are true. If anyone out there is heading out soon grit your teeth and go for it. The MTC was great. But when you come out in the field the first few days are really rough. If you dont want to come home at some point there is something wrong.

Okay now that I've scared everyone, It is so amazing. I have honestly never been happier in my life. It is the BEST decision I have made so far in life. You will never regret sticking it out.

Okay so last week i mentioned that we are white washing, what a blessing! It has been so good to start fresh! We went from 0 investigators and 0 lessons to NINE new investigators this week! Nine is unheard of! These people are amazing. It is amazing how you find a love for some of these people!

Constantly I feel the Lord's hand in everything I do. Like a couple days ago we were walking to an appointment and as I was walking past this house I was like I need to knock on that door, so without saying anything to the comp I just walked up and knocked. No one answered. Huh okay thats weird. Then as I turned to walk away I felt like I needed to do more. So I walked back and slipped a pamphlet in the post slot. No idea why I did that but I'm only praying it planted a seed or something.

After this we kept knocking on this street and just a few doors down a Chinese man answered the door and told us he had no religion but he wants faith and committed to being taught and getting a chapel tour this week. Tender mercies!

Christians are great. Spiritualists are great? Ah they are so apostate! But good people. We are teaching this spiritualist lady and her wiken daughter so its a little different but they both committed to reading the BoM and praying so they'll be fantastic!

Scott and Sarah's wedding reception sounded like a ton of fun! I'm almost a little jealous but then again I get to go to the beach for P-Day today anyway.
The weather has been great for the most part but last sunday we got rained on like mad on the way to church and didn't have bus passes yet so we had to walk for like 30 min in pouring rain. But we made it! We also have bus passes now.

Mom thanks so much for the package! It got here super fast. Like Thursday, maybe friday. Also, we get the ensign ever month;) but hey i appreciate it so much!

I love you guys and pray for you all the time!
Elder Gurney

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