Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week SIX??

Family and Friends!

I love all of you! The mission is doing great, I am doing great as well. I wish I even knew where to start.

So the beginning of this week was rough, I got sick, blew a lesson, and got really fed up. But the Lord has only made me stronger! I look back now and all I really remember is the good!

Tuesday night I went on exchange to Newcastle City with my zone leader, Elder McAlister. I might of mentioned him before but he is brilliant. He comes from Richfield Utah so naturally his dad builds jeeps for a living. Ha actually his dad is loaded and he owns a company that builds jeeps for a living, but redneck none the less. He is hands down one of the best leaders I have ever met and he is only 21! He told me that he came out and hated his mission, asked the president to send him home. Now he is a zone leader and one of the best missionaries in the mission. The Lord changes people for the better! Well wednesday ended up being terrible in terms of missionary work because I got really sick and he was just super busy with zone leader stuff all day so we stayed exchanged on thursday as well. We got a lot more missionary work done thursday which was a treat. I love newcastle! I would not mind coming to school there some day. Oh thursday was also his 21st birthday so we went to lunch and stuff it was so much fun.

So let me tell you about Anna! While on exchange a few weeks ago Elder Krylborn and Elder Harris (I was in Gateshead on exchange) knocked into this 65 year old lady. She was interested in talking about religion and invited the elders back as well as warned that she is an extremely solid Roman Catholic and basically runs her church and she knows she already has the truth because Jesus Christ passed his authority on through Peter. So we went back on friday, and that was one of the best discussions I have had! We taught her the restoration and she loved it and we asked her if she would be baptised. She answered "If I was baptised there would be uproar in my church, ...but if I knew the Book of Mormon comes from God I would jump in with both feet" she committed to reading and praying about it! Me and Elder Krylborn are so pumped!

Everyone send me post! My companions girlfriend sends him something like every week I am looking pathetic! and include pictures!

love you guys!

elder g

so that is mine and elder mcalisters selfie exchange pic adn then below is some famous bridge in newcastle lisa will probably know it.

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