Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 9

Hello Everyone!!

So I am glad people are catching on to the letters are better than emails thing....I really wish I had more time to email but President just made email restricted to an hour. Before it was an hourish....which ment for the sister missionaries 3-4 hours (I'm not joking). This doesn't mean quit emailing me though!

This week has been absolutely hectic!! Meeting after meeting I can't believe it's already past. So I mentioned that Elder Krylborn is a district leader now. They didn't quite mention how much harder that makes my job. He is so busy doing DL stuff that I have to pretty much run the area myself. I absolutly love doing that it is just a lot to do! I used to have a goal to write in my journal for 15 minutes every night, that has gone out the window. I am lucky if I get two. But it is also so fun to plan everything and really have that huge hand in helping the area progress. I am learning so much.

One of the unique things I did was attend a funeral this week. Elder Krylborn had to go to transfer meeting because he was made DL so me and 6 other missionaries attended a funeral in South Shields. It was massive. Probably 600 kids. The funeral was for a man named Jonothan who took his own life he was 21 I think. It was so spiritual and amazing. Near everyone there was a nonmember. I am so greatful for the comfort of the Plan of Salvation.

So I just got a phone call. We are moving one wednesday! Finally we have a definite day and time!

I guess this week has been pretty slow for me as well! But I'll tell you of one miracle. Our zone focus this transfer is having the members at lessons invite the individual to church. Super simple but it is so powerful. We went and visited two Less active members one saturday with a member because they live so far away. We taught Sister Armstrong and it was so powerful and Sister Thompson invited her to church and she hestently agreed to next week. Then we just stopped by another less active a few minutes away who is really not too bothered. Sister Thompson asked her if she could give Sister Armstrong a lift to church next sunday, she agreed!! Two birds with one stone! Missionary work is inspired!

Love you guys!
Elder Gurney

PS read Mosiah 2:41

BONUS:  a couple of excerpts from Nick's letter to Mom:

I wish I had time to listen to or read Elder Uchtdorfs Talk (mom forwarded his talk from April's conference to Nick last week), maybe later this week. But the best part about it is your testimony. I would rather read that any day. Testimonies are so special and powerful, I feel like that is where members struggle the most in missionary work. They have no clue how powerful and influencial their testimony is. Share it, live it, don't ever hide it.

I love getting quotes! You should see my study desk. It is bombarded with quotes. A personal favorite from another missionary:
"If your heart is pure, you cannot fail."
-Elder T. McAllister

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