Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 8

Hello everyone!

Wow I can't even believe it is week 8. I actually had to look that up I couldn't even remember. A month feels like a week honestly. It is transfer week! But don't worry I am staying in North Shields! My companion, Elder Krylborn, is being made a district leader! So we are pretty excited and nervous for that.

We are moving this week! I am not sure if I mentioned last week but we have a new flat. It is so big and so clean (something we are not used to) compared to the current one. Judging on the size of it, we could be getting two more missionaries in the area in the coming months. We are getting all new furniture and beds and everything so we are really pumped for that. The new address is:

Elder Gurney
20 Cecil Street
North Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE29 0DH

I can recieve post there as well so no need to send it to the member in our ward. Packages might still be best to go to the member or to the mission office though. Lisa that would be fantastic if you could update the address on the blog/facebook.

So it is starting to get a little chillier. But not really. I've heard some terrible things about the winter here though so it is time to grit my teeth and love it all the way through. But we also have good heating at our new flat and are getting new beds and blankets so that will help.

The area is doing fantastic. We are really seeing the work progress. It is nice when you are planning and you actually have things to do other than just knocking doors all day. I'll give you an update on Charlie just because I mention him every week. So he has been doing fantastic. He has been reading, praying and he says he will join the church after he feels in his heart he is ready. But then when I called him this morning he said he has felt a little overwhelmed with religion the last little bit and to call him when he gets back from holiday in a week and a half. So hey now it's just time to pray and leave it up to the Lord.

I love seeing the effect the Gospel has on people. It is hard to see sometimes when your helping people make these commitments but as you look back on their progress you get to see how happy they are. It is honeslty one of the biggest blessings of the mission.


Elder Gurney

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