Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 12

Aye family!

This mission thing is a lot of fun! This week has been hectic though! Busy busy busy. Finally we have real time to focus on our area, I feel like last transfer we were at a meeting every other day.

It is slowly getting colder here. Doesn't sound too warm at home. The rain isn't there? Everyone says that it rains all the time here but I am not seeing it...let's hope it stays that way! The English people love talking about the weather.....and their gardens. Two of possibly the most boring subjects in the world. But hey occasionally you meet a Cannucks fan on the bus and it is alright.

Okay story of the week. Me, Elder Krylborn, Elder Graham and Elder McAlister (as if names mean anything?) were driving from North Shields to Newcastle and stopped at Mcdonalds (or should I say Macdonalds) they really can't speak here. Well it is a common known fact that Elder McAlister is more than a little bit addicted to diet coke. We pull up and order and he says "...and a large diet coke." and the man replies "I'm sorry sir but we are out of diet coke." *gasps from all in the car* Elder McAlister is silent...." diet coke at all....?" and the man replied saying no. Well Elder McAlister made it obvious he was upset and ordered a large cup of ice, confusing all of us, then pulled forward. When he got in the line he put the car in park and got out. Walked to the back opened the hatch grabbed something then came back saying "you never leave home without an emergency diet coke". This could have been one of the funniest experiences in my life and re reading this story made it so apparent that you had to be there. Mom it made me think of you, go enjoy your diet coke.

So there are a lot of rumors flying around about the next transfer. We suspect our flat will be getting two more elders as will has the zone will be getting several new companionships. We currently have the biggest zone so there is a chance it could split! The work is progressing!

Yesterday we were a little bummed because we had two of our very investigators confirmed for church the morning of, then they just didn't come. They have been before so we are little concerned. Hopefully we can meet with them soon and resolve some concerns.

This week I am going to focus a lot on developing Christlike Attributes. I encourage everyone to find a Preach My Gospel and read chapter 6. Complete the Attribute Assessment at the end of it and then study it! I know that as you do you will find a joy in the gospel you never knew before!

Love you! I pray for all of you everyday!

Elder Gurney

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