Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 2, 2013

Another exciting week in North Shields!

My new companion is named Elder Sim. He is from Calgary, Alberta, CANADA!

Alright before you get too excited, he is actually English. He grew up in Northamptonshire in the Midlands. But he was born in Scotland. So don't ask me where is actually from. He is so good though. I am so excited to be working with him, and I am so happy I can pronounce his name.
Oh he might be famous as well, I am not sure....Apparently he made a video called "stuff mormons say" on youtube or something so people keep knowing who he is.

Thanksgiving sounded like lots of fun. We realized it was thanksgiving while riding a bus. So yeah we didn't do much. Good day though.

My memory card reader is broken, so sorry for the lack of pictures, I need to pick up a new one soon. 

Natasha is doing so good. She has been so accepting of the gospel and I can already see it blessing her life. I am so excited to see her progress.

I have learned a lot about agency this last week. We went by a guy named John, who has always been real nice to us at the door. He has had a really rough life and he is just unhappy. We taught him and testified so powerfully of the gospel, he felt the Spirit. But he didn't want to hear the message. He says he just can't believe in a God. It was really hard seeing this. I just know how much the gospel can help people, especially in his situation. But he chose not to accept it. Elder Sim and I were pretty discouraged, but as we talked about it we realized we did everything we possibly could for him. We brought the Spirit into his home and we loved him. But he still chose not to accept the gospel. The Lord helped us do our part, but John will always have his agency. We are hopefully going to go back and help him do some construction work and hopefully that will soften his heart a little.

Well I love all of you and I love the mission more and more everyday!

Elder Gurney

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