Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!!

I am just in shock how fast this week went by. But at the same time, Christmas feels like a month ago. 

Ahh Taylor and Samantha were baptised! I am so happy. I am just obsessed with that family. Those are such good kids. Didn't they move though?

Well this last week was packed and so is this week so time is just going by entirely too fast. Natasha was baptised this last saturday which is just such a huge miracle. Even more so, her fiance, Kevin, asked after the baptism if he could receive the discussions. We will be teaching the family later today! We are so excited and so blessed.

It sounds like everyone had a really good Christmas. I really enjoyed skyping with the family. Our Christmas day was exhausting so sorry if I seemed a bit off while skyping. 

I am sorry it is another short letter! I will send pictures of the baptism though.

Love you!!!

Elder Gurney

Christmas morning.

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