Monday, April 7, 2014

April 1, 2014

Hey everyone! What a week!!!

drum roll................................I am staying in LEEDS!!!! Yay!!!!! But my German friend is going..I am getting my first companion from the states, and the worst part still......UTAH! hahaha nah I am excited! My new companion is from Richfield Utah! The same place as the one and only ELDER MCALLISTER! We will have so much to talk about. I am proper chuffed.

So this week has been crazy. We have seen so many miracles! So the other day, me and Elder Schwarzkopf had about an hour and a half after study till we had an appt so we decided to knock. The SECOND door we knocked is answered by this girl named A.K. and she invited us in! We taught her a bit about the book of mormon and she is reading! So we decided to continue down the street a ways and knock again, the first door we knocked this man answers and starts to invite us in, but then he girlfriend tells him that sucked but hey he was super nice. I have really just learned to love knocking doors. Especially in a student area. Even if people aren't bothered they will still let you bear your testimony to them which always feels good.

I am so happy I love being a missionary.

Love you!

Elder Gurney

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